New book coming soon…

Portrait_of_Dr._GachetExciting news! My next novel, The Afterlives of Dr Gachet, will be published 1st July. I can’t wait. It’s a novel about the man in the painting here, and the story behind his famous heartbroken expression…

More details coming soon! Right now my summer book tour is being finalised. Get in touch if you’ve got any ideas for events in your city…

#5minutestories: Cranes

Do you ever get the feeling that there is nothing new in the world? Are we all just doing the same things that have been done many times before?


This week’s #5minutestories is about how our lives echo across history. It’s about origami prayers, Hong Kong moviestars, and warring emperors, but most of all it is about the overlap between the past and the future.

You can download the podcast or listen to the audio version here:


Or read the illustrated digital story below:

Is there anything original left – or has everything already been done before?

#5MinuteStories: Raccoons

raccoon-86615_1280Have you ever felt like your passions were controlling you? And do owners really grow to resemble their pets?

The third of my #5MinuteStories gatecrashes a wild party thrown by Marlon Brando in his Sixth Avenue apartment, and follows Dante Gabriel Rossetti into Highgate Cemetry to dig up his dead wife.


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Or click through the illustrated version below (on apple tablets you’ll need this app).


#5MinuteStories: Whale

Have you ever wondered what might be hiding in the dark? Are there some limits to human knowledge that we can never bridge?

whale pic

This week’s free story is about how far we might see. It’s also about those strange and majestic creatures that rule the ocean: whales. From the legends of the earliest books, to the use of whale oil in the First World War, to the unexplained appearance of one of these mighty beasts in a field in Yorkshire recently, whales are everywhere.

This is another of my #5MinuteStories (alright, I lied – it’s actually 4 minutes 59 seconds) which is the perfect length for a coffee break, a long queue or a short walk. Once again, the choice is yours: you can listen to the audio versionby clicking below (or subscribe to the podcast).


Or you can click-through the illustrated digital story here (apologies for the fact this is hard to do on mobiles or tablets without the free Prezi app – I’m hoping to solve some of these issues soon!)