The Feather Dress

FTR_cover_translucentThe latest of my #5MinuteStories is available now in the latest edition of the Fairy Tale Review. It’s called The Feather Dress, and it’s based on an old Chinese tale about a man’s strange obsession and a woman’s transformation.

It’s a strange story of heartbreak, hope, and whether our hopes might grow wings. You can find it in the Translucent issue, along with many other fantastic stories, here.


A Digital Rebirth: The Book of Crows at The Pigeonhole




My 2nd novel, The Book of Crows, is about to be serialised on  (an online book club). There are still a few spaces up for grabs, so why not join in?

I’m really excited about this new digital rebirth for the novel. It’s a few years now since it was first published, and this gave me a chance to re-read my book and get caught up in the story once again. The Book of Crows is a novel about a mystery that stretches throughout Chinese history. Featuring a young girl who is kidnapped and taken through the desert to an isolated mountain brothel, as well as a suspicious landslide near Lanzhou, and a grieving Chinese poet, the book follows characters on the Silk Road, all caught up in the story of the mythical ‘Book of Crows’.

The Pigeonhole sends the reader a new chapter of the book to read on your phone or tablet every day. What’s even more exciting, is that there’s lots of ‘extras’ in the digital version. For instance, I’ve recently recorded an interview about the book, created an annotated map of the setting, made a playlist of the Chinese music that inspired it, collected photos I took during my trips to research the story, and written a guest post about it here. So there’s plenty of reasons to dive in!


#5MinuteStories: Rooster

What if the dead could return, for just one night? An old Chinese folktale says this is exactly what happens – but not quite as we might expect.

chinese-17413_1920This week’s #5MinuteStories is about love, loss, and coming home. You can download the podcast or listen below:


Or you can click through the digital story right here: