Under Fishbone Clouds

                                             Is love stronger than history?


“Meekings’s accomlished first novel is based on the lives of his Chinese wife’s grandparents. An unlikely love story set against the events of the last half-century in China, it’s a tale of terrible suffering that also manages to be a poetic evocation of the country and its people…His exuberance and verve win out. He imbues “Under Fishbone Clouds” with a magical atmosphere.”

The New York Times




 “A powerful and mesmerizing novel, both mythic and intimate.  Sam Meekings has a maturity of insight and theme not commonly found in a young writer.  This is a masterful accomplishment of imagination, insight, and lyricism.”

Amy Tan

“Lavishly imagined and skillfully narrated,”

The Independent




 “Meekings is a bangup storyteller, and his easy handling of rich and varied material–rustic splendor, class warfare, profound anguish, drastic social changes–will keep readers rapt. This is a beautifully told love story as well as an absorbing study in Chinese folklore and history.””

Publishers Weekly 

“Utterly beautiful and memorable”

Scotland on Sunday

“Sam Meekings’s remarkable debut novel…it’s more than interesting, it’s captivating, and all the more so for being real.”

The Scotsman

“This intricate tale of love, folklore and one of the most turbulent and terrible times in modern history is as beautifully woven as a silk tapestry.”

The Lady


Read an extract from the novel here. Find it in the UK and Commonwealth, as well as in the USA and Canada.  Currently available under special discount on the Kindle.

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