The Book of Crows

                                    Would you wager everything on tomorrow?

“Meekings’ prose is confident and elegant…The Book of Crows is a profound novel, and Meekings demonstrates a greater degree of ambition than some of his contemporaries.”

The Scottish Review of Books

“In a series of delicately interlaced and utterly spellbinding stories, he allows the reader to follow the individuals whose lives, although separated by millennia, are all in some way touched by this mysterious tome.”

We Love This Book

“Meekings’s prose is exemplary, showing a desire not just to honour Chinese culture, but to contribute to it.”

The Herald

“It all comes together to create a story that is intriguing and well-written… a book that feels highly original, has appealing characters and is beautifully written. Anyone with an interest in China, or simply enjoys reading about a variety of well-drawn characters will appreciate this book very much.”

The Bookbag


Read an extract from the novel here or buy it now. Also available on the Kindle.

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