Sam Meekings is a British novelist, poet, digital storyteller and researcher. He has been published around the world, and praised in the New York Times and the Scottish Review of Books, among others. He has also been featured on the BBC website, in The Independent, on Arena on Radio 1, and in the National Geographic. He recently received an award from the Society of Authors, and has been published in a number of international magazines and journals. New book coming soon...


Digital stories that can be clicked through, downloaded or streamed for free - the perfect length for a coffee break.


Sam Meekings is the author of Under Fishbone Clouds, The Book of Crows, and The Bestiary. Plus more coming soon...


All my most recent articles, excerpts, conferences, interviews, works in progress and news, collected in one place.


Sam Meekings is a modern British poet and novelist.


You can follow him on Twitter @SMeekings or find him on Facebook.

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