Sam Meekings is the author of  Under Fishbone Clouds and The Book of Crows. His novels take readers on a magical journey through modern and historical China.


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#5MinuteStories: Parrot

clock 1Welcome to the first of my #5MinuteStories. These are the shortest of short stories to experience on a busy commute, or while stuck in a waiting room. They are the perfect length to be enjoyed on a coffee break, or with a cup of tea (biscuits are optional but certainly recommended). They will entertain you, and always leave you with something to ponder.

This first story is called ‘Parrot’, and it asks a question most of us have wondered at one time or another: if someone says “I love you”, do you have to say it back?

There are two ways to experience these stories. You can click below to start the audio version (or download the podcast to listen to later).


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Or you can enjoy the click-through illustrated story in the Prezi below (or you can download this to your phone, tablet or laptop to take with you, though you may need the free Prezi app to help view this on some phones and tablets).

I’m going to be posting a new story every Tuesday, all available to download for free (for a limited time). Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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