Sam Meekings is the author of  Under Fishbone Clouds and The Book of Crows. His novels take readers on a magical journey through modern and historical China.


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2015: The Year in Review

It’s been another restless year, but a good one! Here’s my short round-up of everything I got up to in 2015:











January: I started my  series (if you still haven’t checked them out, have a look here)

February: Went to Manchester for the first time ever – can’t believe it has taken me this long! Will definitely head back!

April: Completed a CELTA course in Hove and made some great friends along the way.

May: Visited Portugal for the first time and somehow managed to burn my feet to a crisp (ouch!!!)

June: A busy month. First I presented at the British Graduate Shakespeare Conference where I was awarded the 2nd prize in the Liz Ketterer Award for my abstract. Then for the annual Mixed Borders festival in London I was the Poet-in-Residence for Bunhill Fields. The Poetry School created a chapbook of work from the festival, including my poems, that you can read for free here.

July: I was awarded an Authors’ Foundation Award from the Society of Authors to help me work on my 3rd novel Between Falling and Flying. I also presented at the Travel Symposium at Nottingham University.

August: Returned to Doha, Qatar, to work once more as a Writing Lecturer.

September: I had a great time reading at 100,000 Poets for Change at the House of Wow in Doha.

November: Turned 34. The less said about that the better.

December: I had my PhD viva and passed (with minor corrections) and so can now officially call myself Dr if I want (though I can’t see it happening any time soon). I’ve also got myself in gear and created a LinkedIn profile.

So what’s next? Watch this space, and roll on 2016!

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